January 16, 2010

365 Project: Day 86

I just pulled in the driveway after my weekend shooting Mike Kelly, Asleep at the Wheel, and Bleu Edmondson. Its so good to be home. I feel like I've been away a lot in the last few months and every time I return it makes me appreciate the feeling of home even more.

My bedroom has become a little world that I have created for myself. This is the first time I have really had my own room since I was 18. I was so excited to make this space my own. This tiny little room has become not only my bedroom, but also my office, my creative space, and my sanctuary. I spend the majority of my time in there.

There is something about standing in someone's own private space with all of their things that can tell you so much about them.  From the art they have hanging on the wall, or the lack thereof, to the color of their sheets, or the furniture. Are they a pack rat or a minimalist? The things that people choose to surround themselves with speak volumes about them. Standing in my room you probably get a really good understanding of my personality.

There are lots of nice, calming blues and greens. My room has big windows that let in a lot of light during the day. There are 3 lamps in this little space. I despise overhead lighting, so I rely solely on these lamps to give off a soft, warm glow at night. I have a small desk lamp with an embroidered shade, a japanese paper lantern and blue, glass vintage lamp. The switch on my wall never gets flipped. I also have a ton of Candle Cottage candles that add a little ambiance.

Having a desk I can tolerate sitting at all day is really important to me. I searched all over until I found the perfect little vintage desk. It was supposed to be used as a vanity, but I have repurposed it as my work space. Its small and made of actual wood, not that compressed particle board crap that they make most furniture out of these days. It has brass knobs on the drawers and small decorative detailing in the wood. Its perfect for me.

The walls are full of art and photography that inspires me. Some I created and some I didn't. I have three posters from Paul Michael Dellostritto. He designs incredible venue posters for bands and live music shows. There is a bulletin board above my desk full of Polaroids, inspiring quotes and pictures of family. I have my Shade image in a 20x20 framed print hanging next to my desk. That picture was taken on Crystal Beach, one of my favorite places in the world and I look at it often. There is a print of The Soul of the Rose by John Williams Waterhouse next to my bed. I've had this print since high school. It has those blues and greens that I love and the expression on the woman's face is so tranquil. She is lost in the moment and the scent of a rose and seems totally at peace.

In one corner I have a tall, black shelf full of books, photo albums, and vintage cameras. I don't keep many books around. I try to give them away or donate them once i've read them. The only books on the shelf are the ones I need for reference or ones that I really love and will read or look through again and again.

My vintage cameras all sit proudly on display on that same shelf. They are my babies and the only thing I collect.  I dream of all the pictures that they once took of events, families, friends and treasured memories in people's lives. I wish I could see the things they have seen.

My bed frame is black rod iron twisted into swirls and curly Qs. My mattress is covered with light cornflower blue sheets made of organic cotton. I have two pillows and I sleep with both of them at once. Each has a case to match the sheets. There is also a chocolate brown, chennile body pillow that I snuggle up next to. I have a down comforter with a soft, tan, micro suede duvet cover. My bed is amazing. Its a shame that I don't sleep much.

So, now that I'm home, I unpack the car, walk into my room, toss my coat on the bed and take a deep breath. Its so nice to have 4 walls I can call my own. A place where I can close the door behind me and decompress, relax, and spend time with myself. I love my little home.

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