June 28, 2008


Hey everyone! 

I have finally posted images for sale on my ETSY shop!  I am so excited to finally have this shop up and running.  I have such a feeling of accomplishment just taking this small step.  

You can click on the link on my Blog to reach my ETSY shop or click here: saranorris.etsy.com. So please check it out.  Any feedback you guys have will be greatly appreciated, so don't be shy!  I plan to post more images for sale soon so check back in later in the week.

I have taken the first step, now buy my prints people!!

June 25, 2008

Mmmmm, Pears!

There is an adorable pear tree outside of my office window that is growing these little baby pears.  They are so cute I couldn't resist snapping a few shots of them before they are full grown!  

These pears are the picture of summer...

Meanwhile my ETSY site is coming along nicely.  I'm almost ready to start listing my images for sale.  These pear images will also be for sale soon!  

June 22, 2008

I Love Polaroids

I took a trip down to my local photography shop a couple of days ago to have some film processed and to buy some supplies.  When I asked for a box of Polaroids the salesman pointed to a shelf where there were only five boxes.  He said, "That's all we have left and we won't be getting any more." 

I couldn't believe it! I had to restrain myself from buying up all of the boxes right then and there! I bought two boxes, wishing that I could take them all home with me, and left a little heartbroken.  

I have a great Polaroid Land Camera and after the next 40 exposures I might not ever be able to use it again! It makes me so sad that Polaroids are soon going to become extinct.  

I came across a website devoted to this very subject. Save Polaroids is a great resource for the latest news on Polaroids and what you can do to help save them. 

Quick! Somebody do something!

June 17, 2008

My First Blog Experience

Hello Everyone!

The time has come for me to venture out from the safety of my normal life.  I am throwing caution to the wind and starting two businesses! It's going to be challenging and it is definitely very scary, but I think it is going to be great!

Sara Norris Photography, is going to be a two part business.  It will be part portraiture business specializing in photographing pets and children and part fine art photography. My fine art images will be for sale online at saranorris.etsy.com very soon!

It will be a little while before I am ready to create a website for my portraiture work, so I will be using this blog as an alternative for showing my work to the world.

I had my first photoshoot at the beach this past weekend with Mikayla and Abby (the dog).  All was going well until the biggest wave I have ever seen washed up on the shore drowning all of our stuff and my cell phone! I am so glad that my camera didn't get washed away! But, despite getting drenched, I was still able to get some great shots! 

Thank you to Neil, Tina, Mikayla and Abby!

I am so excited to FINALLY be pursuing my longtime dream of becoming a full time photographer. Wish me luck!  

Until next time...