January 2, 2010

365 Project: Day 74

I'm so ready to go home. I miss my bed, I miss my Mac, I miss my work. Yet, here I am again, in the cold, in the dark, roadside in the middle of who knows where, Texas.

My iPod is my only salvation right now and the battery is dying. I need to invest in a book light so I can at least read after it gets dark. Right now I'm reading Edgar Cayce's biography. He was absolutely amazing! Cayce called himself a "seer". His grandfather had telekinetic abilities and could move objects with his mind. Even as a child Cayce had psychic abilities and had several visions at a very young age. He spoke often with his grandfather about the things he saw. His grandfather was accidentally drowned in a pond by a horse when Cayce was only 4 years old. However, Cayce claims that he was able to see and speak to his grandfather even after he had passed. He also claimed to see several children who he played with that no one else was able see.

Later in life Cayce discovered his ability as a healer. He was able to put himself into a hypnotic state and tell a physician exactly what was ailing their patient and exactly how to cure it. He had no medical training and knew nothing of anatomy, but his diagnosis and suggestions for treatment were always correct. Cayce never even met most of the people he was diagnosing. He became very ill at one point and completely lost his voice for a period of time. But, once under hypnosis he was able to speak normally. Cayce diagnosed himself and told the physician how to treat his problem. The doctor would give him suggestions while he was in a hypnotic state and his voice would return as normal when he awoke. It was incredible.

I can't imagine having that sort of ability. He was afraid of it and, being very religious, he was also ashamed of it. Many people in the church shunned him and told him he was going against God. How sad to have this amazing ability to help countless numbers of people, and to have people make you feel like you had to hide it. It must have felt like both a blessing and a burden.

I'm only as far as his mid-twenties, so I haven't read yet how he used his ability throughout the rest of his life. I can't wait to finish the book and find out!

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