January 7, 2010

365 Project: Day 83

BIG sunglasses. I can't live without them. My eyes are super sensitive to the sun. I can't even go outside without my shades or I'm blinded, eyes watering, squinting, and overall looking quite unattractive, I'm sure. The sun gives me a headache. Probably because my facial muscles are all tensed up and contorted from trying to keep the blinding light out of my eyes. At one time I probably had 10 different pairs of sunglasses, all equally huge and crazy colored. Most of them have since either broken or been lost somewhere along my journey. I'm down to 4 pairs. I know there is one pair that was left behind in Vegas, but I think that pair really belonged in Vegas. Hopefully there is a really stylish hotel maid running around in my awesome shades.

I get a lot of comments and non-complements about my different sunglasses. Either people love them or they think they're ridiculous. You know, when someone says, "I love your sunglasses. I could never wear those, but you can pull them off." That's a non-complement. Why not just say nothing?

I've always made bold fashion choices. Ever since I was little I dressed myself in these crazy get ups. There are pictures of me as a kid wearing so much jewelry that I'm surprised I'm standing upright. I had a favorite dress too. It was all one piece and had a white top with a little embroidered rainbow patch on the chest. The skirt was knee length, and vertically striped in rainbow colors. It was really brightly colored and I loved it. Even now, I still love it.

During my teen years, shopping was like a battle. My parents were still paying for my clothes and, with complete disregard for my style and taste, mom refused to buy me anything she thought was ugly. Unfortunately, she thought at least half the clothes I wanted were exactly that. So, I was forced to find a happy medium, or have no clothes. I remember her throwing away a pair of vintage bellbottom jeans that I bought at a thrift store because she thought they were hideous.

Things haven't changed much. My clothing choices have toned down a little as I've gotten older, or at least I think so. I still love bright colors, I still wear huge jewelry. The best part is, I still genuinely don't care what anyone else thinks about what I'm wearing. So, here's to being bold, being yourself and wearing ridiculously huge sunglasses every single day.

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