December 21, 2009

365 Project: Day 66

My day (in no particular order):

I cut my tongue eating a cherry Blow Pop. My mouth filled with a surprising amount of blood. I took a picture.

I painted my nails. Isn't that such a strange thing that people do?

I filled my tank at a gas station I've never been to before. There was a motion activated speaker on the pump screaming an advertisement at me. There was a mute button on it. I pressed it twice. It didn't work.

I drank 5 cups of coffee far. I didn't eat anything until 4 o'clock.

I went to the bank and stood at the ATM freezing while a teller explained the function of a Debit card to someone for 15 minutes with complete disregard for the line forming behind them. The man didn't even withdraw any money.

I went to the library and checked out Edgar Cayce and Richard Avedon's biographies. I didn't check out any of the three books I actually went in there to get.

The man at a fast food drive through was rude to me when I ordered at the speaker. When I got to the window, he hit on me. I drove away. I may not go back.

I drove through the wrong exit in a parking garage downtown. Instead of making me back up, even though there was no one behind me, the attendant got out of the booth and manually lifted the gate for me.

I missed my exit on the freeway and had to take the long way around.

I spoke to a woman named Nancy on the phone three times. She was eating while she talked to me. It was gross.

Isn't it amazing how all these little tasks and moments add up to your day? These little moments are your life. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

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