December 1, 2009

365 Project: Day 43

Lukenbach, TX...I FINALLY made it! On our last trip to Texas we tried so hard to find Lukenbach and never made it. We finally determined that we should have turned on this little farm road miles back and decided that we weren't turning around. But this time, we remembered to take that turn.

I was so excited to finally get there. Not that Lukenbach has any real significance to me aside from hearing about it in a song. I knew I had to take my picture here. That's when my family spotted the Longhorn that was tied to a fence. It was tied next to a sign that said Lukenbach, TX and it was wearing a bandana and a saddle. The man standing next to it was charging people to take their picture with it.

Despite the urging of my family, I flat out refused to have my picture taken with that poor cow. I don't eat beef. Period. I haven't eaten any beef or pork in almost 9 years. I do eat fish and chicken on occasion, but for the most part meat in general is a very small part of my diet.

I am a big supporter of animal rights. I don't agree with using animals for any sort of entertainment. Horse and Greyhound racing, those sad little pony's that you ride in a circle and take your picture with at the state fair, animals trained to perform in the circus, and this poor Longhorn tied to a fence all fall into the category of things that generally make me sick. Although I'm sure this Longhorn would much prefer having his picture taken with tourists to being slaughtered. But who's to say that isn't in his near future anyway? So I chose to take my picture next to this sign.

But, as the song goes, and as far as I could tell..."out in Lukenbach, TX ain't nobody feelin' no pain"...except for maybe that poor Longhorn.

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