December 7, 2009

365 Project: Day 52

Do you ever feel like you just want to get in the car and drive off into the sunset? Music blaring, windows down, winding whipping through your hair...I get this itch all the time. I'm a flight risk for sure. In the past 8 years I have moved 9 times, lived in 8 different cities, in 3 different states, on both coasts, and lived in 11 different apartments/houses.

When I find a place I like, instead of vacationing for a week or two, I tend to just move there for a little while.  I love all the places I've lived and I feel like I'm a more well rounded person for having moved around so much at a young age.  By living this way I've been able to really experience the different places I've lived, I've met some great people and I've learned more hard lessons than I ever thought possible.

The only place I've lived more than once is Albuquerque. The first time around I only lived here 3 months. I showed up with my camera, a suitcase and my laptop. I never even unpacked my bag. I lived out of that suitcase for the entire 3 months.

Every time I move I purge things. I don't like to own a lot of things that I don't need. Belongings are just a burden to me. They just make it harder to pick up and go when the mood strikes. I make sure that I don't own more than will fit in my car. I love my car. I've had it almost 10 years and it has moved with me several times. The only place it didn't take me was to Boston. I loved taking the train and I didn't need it there.

When I say goodbye to a place and all the friends I made there, I also say goodbye to desks, lamps, couches, bookshelves, etc. It always amazes me that I can pack my entire life into a Toyota. But thats how I like it. I don't own anything that I don't need or that doesn't have some significant meaning to me. When I move, all my furniture is usually sold on Craigslist and everything I don't need is either thrown away, recycled, or donated.

Now that I'm back in Albuquerque, I plan to stay for a little while. I'm happy here. I have a ton of old friends here and a lot of new ones who I adore. Plus, my family is only 3 hours away. I haven't lived within driving distance of my family in at least 4 years. There are tons of places I still want to live and even though I still have that impulse to find somewhere new, its nice to be in Albuquerque for now. This time I even unpacked.

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