December 1, 2009

365 Project: Day 46

I collect vintage cameras. I have 14 in my collection right now. I'm picky about which ones I collect. I try to only collect cameras that still work. Right now, to my knowledge, I only have one camera that doesn't work.

I'm holding my Grandparents' Anscoflex II in the picture. It works. My Grandmother told me a long time ago that they had two old cameras that I could have, if she could ever find them. Well, while we were there going through my Grandfather's things, we found them.

The other camera she gave me is a Brownie Target Six-20. It works too. These are now the two most special cameras in my collection. Just knowing that many of my family pictures were taken with these cameras make them like treasures to me. I am so excited to have these. It means a lot that she would want to give them to me.

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