December 4, 2009

365 Project: Day 49

Over the past couple of weeks I have somehow ended up in quite a few conversations about marriage. I'm 26. I'm at an age where many of my friends and a peers are not only married, but are having kids, buying houses and all those other things that people do as adults.

People ask me all the time when I plan to get married. I always answer "Never". I think it surprises some people. They all chuckle of course, not knowing if I'm really kidding or not. Quite honestly, married life is of no interest to me. I can't even commit to getting a pet or a houseplant.

I know people who are involved in all sorts of marriages. Some are happy, some are just beginning, but some are merely convenient, some are struggling, some have grown apart, some are together for the sake of the kids, some are loveless, and some are ending in divorce.

I used to assist for a wedding photographer. At every wedding we went to, while everyone was smiling and crying and wishing the couple well, I always secretly wondered if the marriage was going to last. That just tells you where my head is. There were a few that I'm sure were doomed from the get go.

Once, I saw a bride completely hyperventilate just before the ceremony. She calmed herself down and still said "I do" with a smile on her face half an hour later. The groom was none the wiser. I think having a panic attack might be a sign that you are making a HUGE mistake. Apparently she didn't think so.

When I think of marriage my mind always goes back to those traditional roles. The husband being the bread winner and the wife staying home cooking, cleaning and raising the kiddos. Basically my worst nightmare. My mom said when she was standing at the alter and heard the preacher say "...honor and obey..." it all of a sudden dawned on her what she was committing herself to. Luckily that all worked out and my parents, who were high school sweethearts, will be married 28 years this month.

Who knows, I'm still young, maybe one day I'll feel differently about the whole thing and decide that not only do I want to be married, but I want an entire litter of children. But as of right now, it isn't looking good.

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bbrunophotography said...

Sara, I admire your honesty and the way you've thought this through. You are young - it's true. If the right person comes along, it could change your outlook. For now, enjoy your life and I say it's better to take marriage seriously and with a deep sense of reverance than to leap at it for any other reason.

Your photos are great, by the way. I'm enjoying your FB page. :)