November 2, 2009

365 Project: Day 20

I figured since I'm usually up most of the night anyway, I might as well get an early start on Day 20.

This is my porch. I sit out here all the time. During the day I'll sit and watch people walk by, get some air, and clear my head when I get tired of being cooped up inside working. At night, when everyone else is sleeping, I go out here to think and look at the sky. This wall has a dip in it that is the perfect angle to lean against.

There is a lot going on in my life right now so I went outside to sort it out with the stars for a while. There is something so calming about the night. Everything is so still and quiet while everyone is recharging for the day to come. And here I sit. Not sleeping. Restless. Not part of that cycle. Waiting for the world to come alive again.

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