February 23, 2010

365 Project: Day 107

I think I was a little preemptive with the 'I feel great!' celebration yesterday. While I am feeling better than I was, around 3 o'clock today I crashed. My body is just worn out from trying to recover from whatever horrible sickness I had last week and trying to keep up with the unreasonable demands I put on it. Poor thing is simply tuckered. 

After laying down for a quick cat nap, I got up and brewed myself a much needed cup of coffee. I have to learn to take it easy on myself. Its just not in my nature to take things slow. I don't walk, I run. I always have. Starting in second grade I attended a school with an accelerated program that required me to take computer classes, learn a language and take up an instrument. I not only attended a full day of school, but I had lots of extra projects to do and a couple hours of homework every night. There is a picture of me as a kid asleep on the couch with my homework. Plus, I was in Campfire (which is like Girl Scouts), I attended several dances classes a week and I was in a dance company. I was a busy kid. I was multitasking at 8 years old and I haven't slowed down since. But, I learned a lot. It prepared me for life and I'm very grateful for the experience. 

I figure I'll rest when I'm dead. Which, at this rate, may be slightly premature.

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