January 7, 2009

I Have a New Book

Reading is one of my favorite past times.  But since I left Boston, the time I once spent reading while zipping from place to place on the train has been replaced with endless miles of traffic.  (Ugh!)  Since I don't condone reading while driving, I haven't had the time to devote to really sitting down, relaxing and reading a good book.  So, I've taken up the habit of half-reading five or six books at a time.  I only get through the first couple of chapters of most of them.  Then they take up residence on my night stand.  I look at them longingly when I tuck myself in at night, but I'm always too exhausted to pick one up and actually finish it.

This Christmas I received a book store gift card.  Immediately my mind was filled with thoughts of spending hours perusing the store, which I love to do, and buying stacks magazines instead of just flipping through them while standing next to the rack.  

So, gift card in hand, I took a trip down to the book store and picked up a copy of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's book: Influence.  The book was cleverly printed with your choice of Olsen twin on the cover.  When I checked out the clerk made sure to ask me if I chose the cover with the twin I wanted (I chose Ashley). 
I have followed both of their careers for quite some time now.  These two women never cease to amaze me.  They have accomplished so much in their short lives.  I can only dream to be half as motivated and ambitious as they are.  I mean, when do they have time to sleep?  

I haven't finished the book yet (note the first paragraph) but I am fascinated by the lives of the people they chose to interview.  There is such an eclectic group of people with amazing stories and experiences to share.  I am drawn to fashion and art and even more so to the people who create it.  I think this book is going to be a really great edition to my bedside table.  I think one day I'll finish it.  Maybe.

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