January 19, 2009


I almost forgot to update everyone on my quest for Grateful Dead tickets.  Believe me, this was no easy task.  I thought I was going to have a heart attack during this entire process.  I wouldn't be surprised if the stress of this experience caused permanent damage to my young heart.

There was a countdown clock on the Grateful Dead website for the ticket pre-sale.  On Tuesday I was sitting with my finger on the button as the final seconds on that clock ticked down. 3...2...1!  I clicked and nothing happened.  It said that it was loading, but of course there are a million people trying to get tickets at that exact moment.  I kept waiting and waiting and waiting.  I started to panic a little.  The screen said not to refresh, but how would I know if it was really working or if it had frozen.  My eyes were bugging out of my head in anticipation.

Then, the server crashed!!  My heart sank.  I had to start all over.  At this point, in a desperate attempt, I had my co-worker in on my scheme and he was trying to get the tickets also.  Both of our computers were loading SO slowly due to the traffic on their server.  My palms were sweating.

Finally, his screen loads.  So, I put in the ticket quantity, I enter my credit card information and press the checkout button.  It starts processing...and it keeps processing.  By this time I'm sure I have the tickets so I'm starting to breathe again.  Then, I hear, "Oh no!" from my co-worker.  The server stalled and he got an error message! NO!

I had to start the process all over again!  I was so bummed.  I thought I had lost my tickets for sure.  So, I took a breath and started over.  To my surprise...IT WORKED!  I was jumping up and down and silently screaming to myself.  Had I not been at work I would have definitely woken up my neighbors with shrieks of joy.

It was then that I realized that I had forgotten my cell phone at home!  I couldn't share my good news with anyone.  Really, I thought that I might explode.  So i did more jumping up and down.

Now, I have to wait until May to actually go to the concert.  I checked back later in the day to see if there were any tickets left and they were entirely sold out!  I'm so glad that I was able to get my hands on two of those babies.  It was really a miracle.  Plus, its the last show on the tour, so I think its going to be extra special.

Thank you to my co-worker for putting aside what he was doing to help me in my quest to see the Grateful Dead.  Without your help, I would have no tickets and I might have cried a little.

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