January 12, 2009

Brothers and Sisters

There is nothing more special than the relationship between a brother and a sister.  My mom always said that she wanted to have a boy first so I would have an older brother to protect me.  Unfortunately I was the oldest and she ended up with two girls instead! But, I think I do a pretty good job of looking out for my little sister.  Although, I am currently trying to convince her to jump out of a plane with me next month...

This little girl is lucky to have an older brother who adores her.  I recently had the opportunity to photograph them both at their beautiful home.

Even though she was getting sleepy, her facial expressions came to life when her mom turned on the musical mobile above her bed.  She was completely captivated by the little animals.
There is a great rope swing in their front yard!  He was just like a little Tarzan.

Quote for the day:
"Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero."
-Marc Brown

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Genie said...

Oh, awesome kid portraits! I especially love how you did the little girl. AWESOME!