January 9, 2009

Fotographer Friday: Traer Scott

Traer Scott is an amazing photographer who's images are absolutely beautiful.  She is based in Providence, RI and has a background in fashion and portraiture.  But my favorite part about her is that she has used her time and talent to bring awareness to many animal related causes.  

One of her projects, Shelter Dogs, is very dear to my heart.  I used to work for the MSPCA.  During my time there I  learned so much about homeless animals and what they go through.  Spending time with those animals changed my life.  It breaks my heart to look into their eyes and not be able to save all of them.  I can't even watch those Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials without bawling my eyes out!  

Scott started photographing these dogs while volunteering at animal shelters.  In the introduction to Shelter Dogs, she writes: "As my files grew, I realized that many of the dogs whose pictures I had in my archives never made it out alive.  I found that no matter what, I couldn't bring myself to delete their photos, which were in some cases the only record of their existence."  

That last line "...the only record of their existence."  That sticks with me.  These animals had no owners, no homes, no one to love them and no one to remember them once they were gone.  Through her images, Scott has given them a voice.  So now, we will all remember them.

You can find her book at many major book stores and online.  To see more of her fabulous photography you can go to her website: www.traerscott.com.

"Terrier" from Shelter Dogs (Merrell 2006) by Traer Scott.

"Dumbledore" from Shelter Dogs (Merrell 2006) by Traer Scott.

"Joshua" from Shelter Dogs (Merrell 2006) by Traer Scott.

"Bailey" from Shelter Dogs (Merrell 2006) by Traer Scott.

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