June 4, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

When someone orders a print from me I'm always thrilled. I pack each print up with love and send it off to find its new home. That little piece of me and my world is going to become part of someone else's life. Whether it be a gift for their loved one, or a present they bought for themselves...my print becomes a part of their home and their world.

There is nothing I love more than when its new owner sends me pictures of where my print has ended up. When Irene from Design StILes send me an email today I was so thrilled! She bought my "Once Upon a Time" print. Now I can see where it has found its new home.
Irene wrote a blog post today and included this picture. It looks amazing all frames up on her wall. Take a look at her blog post here.

Do you guys have pictures of where you've displayed my prints? I would LOVE to see them!
Thank you Irene...you made my day!

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