June 18, 2010

365 Project: Day 128

Today I let go...I just let it all go. The frustration, the mental block, the obsessing...I let it go. I spent the afternoon with myself at the park. I was there for hours. I'm not sure people know I do this. The park is one of those places that I sneak away to when I need to think and just be alone for awhile. I love the park. I love grass and trees and being outside. I spent hours in the shade of a big old tree, laying in the grass listening to my iPod and clearing my head. I napped for almost an hour and a half. Apparently I have no problem sleeping in public like a bum. I opened my eyes to a view of the canopy above me swaying in the breeze. I awoke feeling rested, recharged, and peaceful. 
There is something about laying on the grass that quiets my mind. The calmness that my body feels when I'm laying against the earth is hard to explain. The smell of the grass and the dirt, the coolness of it against my skin is comforting and relaxing. I ran my hands through the blades of grass along side of me, letting them tickle my palms and tangle in my fingers. I laid there for a long time and stared up into the trees stretching over me. I watched the sunlight flicker through the leaves as they twirled. These are the moments that ease my mind. I took a deep breath, inhaling the damp earthy smell and just like that...I let it all go.


Louise Gale said...

Hi Sara, I LOVE doing just that, laying in the park, snoozing under a big old tree, looking up at the sky and leaves blowing in the breeze. SO glad you had a wonderful time in the park. (i have no problem sleeping like a bum either!) :-)

Sara said...

Thank you Louise! I love the park and that afternoon it was really just what I needed. Isn't it relaxing?