May 6, 2010

Holly Norris - nope, no relation

Holly Norris is a young Canadian photographer who's work I just came across today. Her photojournalistic images are so powerful. I love her American Able campaign. Through a series of clever mock American Apparel advertisements, she addresses how disabled women are overlooked in today's media and advertising.

In her latest blog post Holly posted images from the No More Silence March that was held on Valentines Day in Toronto. The march was to recognize the over 500 indigenous women who have been murdered or who have gone missing on Turtle Island over the last three decades. Apparently there has been an ongoing problem with genocide against indigenous women in the area that is being covered up by law enforcement, coroners office's and the courts. Its really disturbing. This is an issue that I had never heard of before and it is really terrible that this is happening to these women.

Check out more of Holly Norris' work on her website and her blog.

Both images featured here are © Holly Norris.


Holly said...

From one Norris to another..

Thanks for the feature!
Everyone has been posting American Able, but I'm glad you enjoyed my photojournalism work, too (which is generally the focus of my work).

Just fyi.. 'turtle island' refers to North America.. the demonstration happened in Toronto, but such murders have been happening across this land.

Keep shooting!

Sara said...

You're welcome! you're work is awesome. American Able is a really great concept and the images are so well done.

Thanks for the FYI! Your images definitely opened my eyes to an issue that I had never heard of before. Great work!