May 1, 2010

365 Project: Day 117

I love 24 hour places. Restaurants, gas stations, bars, etc., I love them all. There is just something about a business that NEVER closes that I find really interesting. I have become a sort of connoisseur of these kinds of places. That was my favorite thing about Las vegas. EVERYTHING is 24 hours! Its like heaven.

My new favorite 24 hour place is Harold's Laundries. This place is amazing! Its a 24 hour convenience store that is also a laundromat. I love it! The laundromat part is genius! All it needs is public showers and you could practically live there.

The convenience store is small, but its stocked with all the essentials: sodas, chips, stale "fresh" pastries, candy bars and a sassy elderly woman who has obviously smoked most of her life/ gotten too much sun behind the counter. In addition to all the traditional goodies, they also have an ample assortment of miniature laundry soaps: liquids and powders. There is even one of those Claw arcade machines that are impossible to ever win a stuffed animal out of, and a candy/sticker/temporary tattoo/crap you don't need dispensers that every kid loves. 

I took a ton of pictures there today while waiting for the laundry to finish. I can't wait to show you guys.

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