September 13, 2010

365 Project: Day 136

This is my new favorite chair. I love chairs that my entire body can curl up in...especially if they're vintage. Things are generally looking up lately. I still haven't found my inspiration, but other things are happening in the mean time to keep my mind busy. Like this chair.

Today was far from uneventful. My "I'll Fly Away" print was purchased by ABC for the set of Modern Family. I'm so excited to see if it shows up in any episodes! I just found out that I was accepted into a financial planning program that I've been on a waiting list for since February. After months of waiting, a depressing application that forced me to realize that I am well on my way to becoming a financial mess at 27, and a page full of interview questions I'm finally in! I'm really stoked! Hopefully I will now be set on the right path to financial freedom and responsibility. I figure its better to get a grip on these things while I'm still young.

I was almost in TWO car accidents on my way to the grocery store this evening. Both near misses were caused by jerks who were trying to beat red lights. Its always a GREAT idea to floor it through a busy intersection while driving directly into the blinding New Mexico sunset. Right? Idiots. When I finally got to the grocery store, I witnessed a hugely pregnant, not to mention pissed off woman kick a man in the ass right in the middle of the bread aisle. It took everything I had not to laugh out loud. I actually had to leave the aisle. I am so grateful that my life is full of these little moments. I can't help but stop and laugh. I see the craziest things every day and, ironically, those crazy little moments keep me sane. 

On a side note, I am so thankful for all of the comments, emails, phone calls, and text messages that I received after my last couple of posts. They were all so full of hope, encouragement, and support. If nothing else, this project has been a place where I can vent my frustration to the world and get nothing but positivity, comfort and understanding in return. I appreciate you all so much. I am feeling a little better. I'm trying to just go with the flow and keep myself busy until my inspiration returns.

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