September 23, 2009

trying to find the words...

Behind every photograph I take there is always a story, a feeling, a thought, a memory. It amazes me that I can look at a photograph and remember everything about that moment. So, I've decided to share little snippets of these memories with you. Some of my prints are now available with a statement. Just a few little words that mean something to me.

Expressing myself visually has always come naturally and easily, but expressing myself through words has always been difficult. This project has been surprisingly emotional for me. I didn't expect that when I started it, but I'm glad that I can now share these experiences with you.

1 comment:

rachel said...

i love these. Such a neat idea. Now if only the same can be done for smells, cause somtimes, they can bring you right back to the memory of a face or a place. (if that even makes any sense, hahahaha).