October 30, 2008

A Little Flower

The day after I photographed Samson and Sedona, I got the chance to photograph their little sister also!

She showed up with a flower in her hair and in a fabulous little pink tutu that her mom got on ETSY.  I'm a sucker for anything pink! 

This was the happiest baby I have ever seen.  As long as you were talking to her and making silly faces she was loving it!  There was not one pouty face until we decided to change her outfit.  As soon as her mom took off her tutu she cried.  If I looked that cute in a tutu I wouldn't want to take it off either! But that only lasted a second.  She cheered up not long after and the shoot went on.

There were so many great shots from this photo session! Her face is so expressive when she smiles and laughs and I even caught a few great serious faces in there.  

Thanks again!

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